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We are a boutique creative studio set up to help brands escape from the traditional agency structures of high overheads and fixed bums-on-seat skill-sets that eat up the budget from the start. Our team has vast experience across top creative agencies and global In-house marketing teams to create the best strategic approach across all channels for your project. Working closely with our clients, we make sure customers get the ultimate user experience that influences their purchasing decisions to drive sales. We gather data and insights on everything we do to optimise the experience around this data and make sure you get the best ROI from your budget, helping drive decision making on future projects.

what our clients say

I've had the pleasure of working with Alistair both in my previous role as global head of LEGO.com, and more recently as global head of environmental engagement. Alistair has always impressed me with his energy, passion and commitment to creating the best solutions.

AT Lego
Challenges turn into creative opportunities and things get done to a high standard, on time every time.

I would highly recommend the Summer Day team, it has been a pleasure working with them all.

Hayley Woodward
Global Head of Marketing
AT Rubik's

I've really enjoyed working with Summer Day Media, from the moment I was introduced to their work, they instantly understood my brand and objectives. They are highly professional and demonstrate thoroughly what will make your brand shine in the market place. They are emotive and customer focused which is a fantastic winning combination.

Emma May
Creator of Quirk!
AT Emmerse Studios
They instantly understood my brand and objectives

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