Who’s really influencing your customers?

With 90% of parents purchase decisions being influenced by their children, you need a marketing strategy that not only targets parents, but also connects to their children.

Even if your primary target market is aimed at adults, don’t think this is not relevant to you as a large section of your market are also parents and you could be missing a big opportunity in how your customers are being influenced.







There are estimated to be over 2.34 million two-children families in the United Kingdom as of 2020, with a further 1.9 million one child families, and 768 thousand families that have three or more children.

Generation Z (6-24 year olds) have more of a voice than ever before with the opportunity to express their opinions on multiple media platforms. They are influenced by their peers and in turn influence their parents.

*Data Source: Office for National Statistics (UK)




  • If you are targeting Adults you need a marketing strategy to target the parent section
  • Children aren’t just their to influence their parents but are also your customers of tomorrow
  • Children are more likely to share content influencing their peers which in turn influencers their parents
  • There are 8.9 Million children who have significant (90%) influence on their parents
  • 20.8% of the UK population are parents with children between 5-18
  • Children are staying longer with their parents, having a greater influence for longer periods



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