April Fools

The challenge

April fools day is a big day in many brands calendars but LEGO had never done anything around this event before. After seeing the impact of the reactive social posts, LEGO wanted to add it’s voice to the conversation.

Our solution

We teased LEGO users about a new innovative product ‘LEGO Glasses’ that allows them to see specific types of bricks in piles of LEGO. For instance LEGO Glasses, show me 2×4 bricks…would show just the 2×4 bricks. We created videos showing the product in action and created content that pushed users around the owned and earned LEGO channels. The campaign had a 26% higher click through rate from other campaigns and the idea went viral with many non LEGO channels showing the ‘New’ product. TIME online picked it as one of the products they wished was real.

Fake Product Demo

User Generated Video

Time Online Review

Social Media Image