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Family marketing ecosystem

The family ecosystem

At SDM, we are experts in the strategic and creative family marketing ecosystem. We have 50 years’ marketing experience across the team, working with global brands like LEGO, Rubik’s, Virgin, Spin Master (creators of Paw Patrol) and many more. Our vast expertise has helped our clients connect with their family audiences in the most innovative and playful way. Also, seeing our own children develop and grow has given us hands-on, in the field experience that only comes from having crazy, creative and energetic children.

Creating playful experiences for both adults and children

Whether a company is targeting adults, children or both, there’s a playful experience that every person enjoys. Games for adults is one of the fastest growing sectors in the toy business, proving that adults connect to a brand’s playful energy, which can be utilised by many different industries to connect with their users. These playful experiences have been proven to have a long lasting and memorable impression on an audience and this is where SDM is an invaluable asset to our clients. We can create unique and targeted playful experiences for any segment, so our clients can break down barriers and truly connect with their audience.

Purpose-Led creativity

The world we live in is changing before our eyes, with digital experiences being our everyday norm and our focus now firmly on looking after our planet and all who live here. Brands, now more than ever, can easily connect with their customers on a personal level. SDM help our clients share in their customer values and become a champion for purpose-led experiences, while also helping to make screen time positive and educational.

Rubik's solution guides

Learning through play

We have helped our clients understand the cognitive development and ‘learning through play’ behaviours of children, and then created experiences that truly connect to their audience. We have worked with Rubik’s on their educational support & play experience through schools in the UK & US, generating a very successful brand experience and awareness of the products, which have driven sales in the market.

The SDM team

Alistair, our founder, comes with 20 years’ experience in strategic and creative marketing. Working for global brands, he has delivered worldwide marketing campaigns across multiple touch points and digital channels. He set up SDM after heading up a global digital marketing team for LEGO, having previously worked in the Saatchi & Saatchi and Ogilvy creative departments.

If your marketing is failing to convert into anticipated revenue, the SDM team provides data driven analysis, strategic vision and creative expertise. We build the link, traction and visibility between your marketing budget and actual sales.


“When you work with Summer Day, you work directly with me, defining the perfect approach to your project, before bringing in our team of top class digital and creative minds. I can guarantee the SDM team comes with dedication, quality, agility and the drive to deliver you the best results, all within the budget that suits you.”



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